Monte Vista Elementary School

AVID Elementary


What is AVID Elementary?

AVID Elementary is based on the same learning foundation that underlies the AVID Elective. However, whereas the AVID Secondary site is a combined effort of a dedicated elective class and core content area classes to create a schoolwide impact in middle and high school, AVID Elementary is designed to be embedded into the daily instruction of all elementary classrooms, across entire grade levels, to impact schoolwide structures. It is not intended to be taught in isolation or within an elective setting.


AVID Elementary takes a systemic approach through Beginnings, Foundations and Bridges implementation resources for different levels and settings in order to support all students on their journey to college readiness.


AVID Elementary is a foundational component of the AVID College Readiness System and supports AVID Center's mission to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.



Stages of AVID Elementary


AVID Elementary (AE) spans K-8 in three stages, Beginnings, Foundations and Bridges. Each stage is designed to meet the needs of students within that range of development.


AVID Elementary Beginnings Addresses the beginning years of education when students are emerging as learners. Students are learning to read, learning to write and learning to learn. AE Beginnings classrooms are designed to promote learning to WICOR (Writing Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, Reading), or L-WICOR, throughout the academic day.


AVID Elementary Foundations Addresses the foundational years of education when students are becoming independent learners. Students are reading to learn, writing to learn and learning to reflect on their own learning. AE Foundations classrooms are designed to promote WICOR throughout the academic day.


AVID Elementary Bridges Addresses the transitional years of education when students are becoming independent thinkers. Students are thinking about thinking and learning about their own learning. AE Bridges classrooms are designed to promote WICOR throughout the academic day.



AVID Elementary Essentials


There are Four AE Essentials that are standard across all active sites around the globe and aligned to the overarching goal of AVID Center’s mission.


Essential One: Instruction Writing to learn, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, Reading to Learn (WICOR) as well as Learning to Write, Learning to Inquire, Learning to Collaborate, Learning to Organize and Learning to Read (L-WICOR) are the foundation for instruction in AVID Elementary classrooms.


Essential Two: Culture AVID Elementary sites incorporate rigorous, relevant, differentiated opportunities for all students in an environment that promotes college readiness.


Essential Three: Leadership AVID Elementary Leaders support, guide and facilitate AVID Elementary implementation for all students.


Essential Four: Systems AVID Elementary sites align their systems by utilizing the Pillars of Excellence (accountability, articulation, assessment and calibration) to ensure the quality of AVID Elementary implementation.




AVID Elementary incorporates:


Student Success Skills – encompassing communication skills (e.g. listening, speaking, writing), self-advocacy skills, note-taking strategies, critical thinking, and study skills. 

Organizational Skills – both mental and physical; students learn to use organizational tools, as well as learn and practice skills around time management and goal-setting. 

WICOR Lessons – emphasize instruction on writing to learn, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading to learn in all content areas. 

Partnerships – among students, classrooms, grade levels, schools, feeder patterns, families, and communities.